Who We Are

My name is Virginia Sanders, my friends call me Gina. I am a “Rich nana”
to my only grandchild who we call Tre’. 
Treis an avid skateboarder whose goal is to own a line of skateboarding clothes and skateboard shop.  My goal is to make that dream come true.

As online marketers, we are dedicated to researching and discovering ways to
prosper the struggling internet marketers who decide to start a business

We have watched in disappointment and anger at all the SCAM
programs perpetrated by the online Gurus who take the money and run. We have
not only been victims of these Scam artists but unknowingly participated with a
few until we found out that their programs were not what they claimed.

Our Mission is to help anyone who wants it to build a successful business online
that will take care of them and their families.

Our Main company is GinJoSu Web Services, located in Sacramento, California. We
were established to create T-Shirt Designs sing Rhinestones. My twin daughters
and I enjoyed doing this work but over time, the numbers did not add up to a successful
business plan.

We were trading our time for money which is the same thing you do with a 9-5 job.
We went on a journey to find automated systems that the solo entrepreneur could
use to create massive exposure, build huge email list, and promote their
products and services to the huge Internet community. 

The other websites we own  include:


showcase cash creation programs to bring in money on demand. 

https://viraladmasters.com created to find and utilize viral marketing techniques for small business owners.

Virginia Sanders

 (270) 300-3518

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