7 Ways to Get 10K Leads for Your Business

7 Ways to Get 10K Leads for Your Business

The OLD Way Of Generating LEADS Is Dead…

Use Automated Marketing Strategies to Generate Leads

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The Top 7 Lead Generation Tools to Get Your First 1,000 to 10,000 Subscribers

Our goal is to provide our audience, clients, subscribers with the best marketing tools available online to quickly increase signups and sales for your business.

We have researched tested, evaluated and hand picked the most effective tools to get your email list to 10,000 active subscribers.

The real goal is to get your first 1,000 subscribers so you can start to earn real income from your sales and promotions.

With over 500 Billion real people on line searching, seeking and buying products, getting 1,000 leads or making a 1,000 sales online is more than possible. it happens everyday for smart marketers who use innovative tools and create automated marketing systems.

5 billion online
5.07 billion people

A total of 5.07 billion people around the world use the internet today – equivalent to 63.5 percent of the world’s total population

Artificial Intelligence software is not a secret miracle but a defined path that the top marketers have implemented in their marketing strategy to build huge email subscriber list and to create massive income. You cannot build 10K subscribers overnight. This process will still require patience and consistency. But, with the tools we recommend, it can and will happen for you.

Using the tools and training available to you, this magic number that can change the trajectory of your business can be achieved. You can lead your tribe offering a NEW system and an opportunity that YOU produces twhat people actually want and need..

We are totally frustrated with safelist, viral mailers and useless marketing tools that take up your time as well as your money.

We have searched for Real online marketing tools that use leverage and automation creating an all-encompassing opportunity that helps individuals get what they need to succeed.

Many top marketers use automated webinars to sell their high ticket products. When you are just starting out or are low on funds, you coulc create a video that explains your product & service.

Videos have the capability of bringing in new customers or recruits on demand and a steady stream of income.

Get 10K Leads into Your Pipeline Every Month

Top 7 ways to Build Your List and Go Viral Fast

Start Your Marketing Strategy with a System

To start a full blown marketing campaign, you need to have a system that not only you can use but your colleagues woul be interested in using.

1. LeadsLeap

What is LeadsLeap and Why you should join . This platform includes:

  • An Ad Exchange – create your first ad, then surf ads to earn points and, in turn, your ads are shown on the site.
  • A site for social reviews – highlighting your affiliate or network marketing links
  • An email marketing platform, including pop-up opt-in forms
  • creating and hosting lead pages (aka splash pages)
  • Opt-in pop-ups creation and set-up
  • A place to host images or pdfs, if you don’t currently have a place for this
  • You can earn a little cash – very little, so this shouldn’t be your main reason for joining 

LeadsLeap is free to join, but offers some extremely powerful tools to help you market successfully online. There is a lot at LeadsLeap that can help you build your email list.–

I especially like the email marketing system that gives you everything you need to build an email list. You also get exposure to your target market. There is a pro version that increases exposure and allows you to add 7 additional ads. ==>You can Join LeadsLeap here for Free

Make Money While You Build Your Own List

2. MlmRecruitOnDemand.com – Ryan Gunness

MLM Recruit On Demand (www.mlmrecruitondemand.com) is a lead generation and training program for Network Marketers who want to grow their business.

MLMROD is designed to help entrepreneurs in the multi-level marketingor affiliate marketing industry by providing them with a tried and tested system to get unlimited leads for their business.

Using his one-of-a-kind programs and training, Ryan Gunness has assisted countless clients in achieving success through lead generation. To achieve maximum results,

Ryan Gunness has perfected the process of MLM phone prospecting. It was the phone prospecting that left me cold. I had 300 leads to call within a specific amount of time and I did not have the time or the desire to do that. ==>Join MLM Recruit on Demand

Instead of spending hours on the telephone to call these leads, I simply input them into a System called Slybroadcast and with a few moment, my leads had received a Ringless Voice Message from me asking them to check out my website or call me back for questions.Get Economical Ringless voicemail technology.

3. Slybroadcast

Send low cost Ringless Voicemails Checkout the prices Here

You have Unlimited Access to as many leads that you need with MLM Recruit on Demand. You can send these leads a RVM which gives you the opportunity to receive continuous leads.

Choose Your Plan. Switch Or Cancel Anytime. Pay Only For Successful Drops.

  • Pay As You Go Plans
    • 100 deliveries for $10
    • 500 deliveries for $40
    • 1,000 deliveries for $60
    • 5,000 deliveries for $225
    • 10,000 deliveries for $400
  • Monthly Delivery Plans*
    • 100 deliveries for $8/mo
    • 300 deliveries for $25/mo
    • 2,000 deliveries for $100/mo
    • 6,000 deliveries for $250/mo
    • 13,000 deliveries for $500/mo

4. Matrix Pro Leads.

What is Matrix Pro Leads?

Matrix Pro leads will cost you $30 per month. You receive 100 fresh Opportunity Seeker leads. You have the option of purchasing up to 500 leads for your marketing. Each leads that come with:

  • Mailing address,
  • Email address
  • Phone number.

The reason I included this program is because of the MASSIVE Income opportunity tied to it that can give you a Life Changing Monthly Income. The Tagline reads: Turn a $30 leads purchase into a $150,000 PAYDAY! You should be an affiliate for any program that you offer online and earn money from promoting it. This serves two purposes.

  1. You can recommend the program with confidence
  2. You create a multi-income stream.

5. Leadscampus Affiliate Marketing Program –

You can make money from the Leadscampus affiliate marketing program with ZERO investment. No matter how you say it, this affiliate marketing program offers the highest commissions (50%) available in this industry.

Choose from our pre-defined packages or pay as you go. Get 2 months subscription charge free with yearly packages We are open with your payment preferences too! For a custom payment preference,
please contact us at info@leadscampus.com.

Was $30.00
$20.00 /mo
Was $45.00
$30.00 /mo
Was $75.00
$45.00 /mo
Was $150.00
$100.00 /mo
Consumer Leads10,000 leads/m30,000 leads/m100,000 leads/mUnlimited leads/m
Business Leads10,000 leads/m30,000 leads/m100,000 leads/mUnlimited leads/m
Email Leads1,000 leads/m3,000 leads/m10,000 leads/mUnlimited leads/m
Social Media Leads100 leads/m300 leads/m1,000 leads/mUnlimited leads/m
Exclusive Leads
Health / Life / Auto Insurance Leads (Opt-in)2000 Leads/mUnlimited Leads/m
Merchant Accounts Leads(Exc)5 Leads(Exclusive)20 Leads(Exclusive)
MLM Leads500 Leads(Via e-mail)1,000 Leads(Via e-mail)Unlimited Leads
Internet Leads1,00,000(Via e-mail)Unlimited Leads
Cell Number Leads5000 Leads(Via e-mail)unlimited Leads
Customized Leads Request
CRM Access
Email and Number Verifier Tool Access
Create Your first 1,000 or Next 1,000 Subscribers

6.Viral DashBoard-Social Media Marketing on Steroids

For companies of all sizes, social media marketing is one of the most effective ways to connect with prospects and clients.

Social Media Marketing is an Essential Platform

Social media Marketing is Essential to your Overall Marketing Strategy

Every business online should be using social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. If you are not, you’re missing out on the opportunity to learn about, follow, and do business with brands.

Effective social media marketing can help your company achieve extraordinary success by generating loyal brand supporters, leads, and even purchases.

With Viral DashBoard you can Create, Schedule & Publish Your Content To Your Facebook PagesGroupsInstagramGoogle My BusinessPinterestLinkedIn & Twitter Accounts This is an important tool for any online marketer to add to their toolbar. You can reach up to 21 Social Media Marketing Platform and automate the entire process.

==>Click Here to Check out Viral Dash Board

7. Viral Marketing Software Grows Your Email List Fast

Viral Giveaways are the BIGGEST SECRET to growing an email list FAST

The best viral marketing techniques make the business’s message or content so popular that your brand awareness increases exponentially. Viral promotions are one of the most economical ways for a company to reach new audiences and produce potential leads because they are organic.

There are a lot of ways you can grow your list, but one of the best is through Viral Giveaways or Gamification. Check out the Video

In complete transparency, I did not use Upviral for my Viral Software GiveAway. When I took their free trial, my contest came out just jabber. It did not make sense.

I did not have time to try to figure out what the problem was. I also did not want to pay another monthly fee. I found KingSumo when evaluating Viral Software.

I evaluated almost six (6) different viral marketing software program to complete my evaluation and review of viral marketing software. I chose King Sumo because it completed the job and was a one time cost. You can see my first viral giveaway below this banner.

Create an Online GiveAway with King Sumo

Around 5 billion people browse the internet every day. And on average visitors spend just a few seconds on any website. If within that time something catches their attention they stay.

In many cases, they just leave to NEVER come back again. The Old Way Of Generating Leads is showing a banner, people fill in the details and click continue, then they need to authenticate their email address by clicking on the link inside the email they must have received.

With many marketing strategies, you need to create lead magnets, you need to run ads to get traffic.

. If you are Tired Of Failing Miserably At Generating Leads, I have a solution for you.

Turn DYING Optin Forms Into List Building Machines!


Raffles Are The#1 List Building Secret For 2022!

VidRaffle Uses Gamification To Turn Dying Email Optin Forms Into Exciting Raffles That People Can’t Resist & Builds Your List Faster Than Ever!


This page represents my personal opinions and my experience with online marketing. I am really frustrated with the the sheer magnitude of the bogus marketing software, outright scams and products and poor service online. My most recent eye opening experience was My Lead Gen Secret which is highly promoted all over the Internet.

A recent review of this program revealed that after 7 months of using the upgrades and the DFY feature within the software he received less than 10 leads as a result of this program. MLGS cost $60.00 to start and then $30.00 per month.

The client is promised 100 leads per day which sounds like a great deal until you read this review then you just get mad.

Another pet peeve is World Profit which offers 50K visitors to your website. If you received these 50K visitors I would love to hear from you.

As a results of these and other long-standing programs the are dubious at best, I needed to find a way for real marketers who had goals to get the leads they need in an ethical and expedent way. This website should help you reach your goals.

Personal Message

Thank you for visiting my site, my name is Virginia Sanders and i am a serial entrepreneur. My biggest obstacle to real success online was creating an email list.

I balked at doing it for years because I thought you could find an offer, spam your link all over the Internet, People would buy the product. Get Rich.

We know that does not happen.

My next task after years of failure was to find out what really works. The hours and days I spent clicking on safelist emails or joining that crazy referral frenzy site, join 20 downline programs almost make me want to cry. If you convert hous into cash I spent 100,000’s of thousands of dollars posting, clicking joining, I refuse to do that anymore.

I found an effective way to market on line that doesn’t waste your time or money.

This website presents the best tools available to you at the best prices.

Enjoy the ride and make money for yourself and your famiy.

My highest recommendation for you is join Nexus Rewards. You will money on everything you buy. You can earn $40K within the next 3 months referring Nexus to your friends,neighbors & colleagues, struggling through the highest inflation rate we have seen in years. ==>Join Nexus here,

Use the traffic and lead generation tools on this page to get your 1,000 referrals.

Love You Guys!!

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