How To Automate Your Social Media

This SMART Social Media Automation App Will enable You To Create And Syndicate Content Across Your Social Media Accounts, eCom Stores, Blogs And Video Platform in just 60 Seconds a Day!

Business Growth in 2022 Will Heavily Rely Social Media, & Here’s Why:

Consider this that

 3.5 billion people (about half the world’s population) is on social media daily.

  • 99% of marketers agree that social media is somewhat or very effective in their business strategy:
  • 54% of customers use Social Media to research products
  • 71% of consumers have had a positive experience with a brand on social media
  • These consumers are very likely to recommend or REFER their friends to the brand

The average person has about 8 social media accounts. If your brand is present on even a few of those platforms, you will appear to exist “everywhere” in that person’s life (you’re about to do just that in a few minutes from now).

What is the Rule of 7? Actually it has become the Rule of 12

This word of knowledge states that your prospects need to see your brand’s message seven times or more BEFORE they make apurchase from you).

And In 2020… In The Face Of The Pandemic Induced Lockdowns…

Brands Faced An Urgent Choice…


Businesses That Have Invested MORE Resources Into Social Media Management Since The Pandemic Started… Have Seen Incredible Results!

Brands are quickly understanding the importance of creating a strong social media presence.

The proof lies in the reduction of their mainstream media advertising budgets and increase in social media influencer collaborations.

Budweiser Brewing Group continued to earn through their social media campaign “Save Pub Life” to buy a gift card now & spend later at their local pub.

Krispy Kreme launched #besweetsaturdays on their instagram to remind their patrons to be kind & share a free dozen of donuts with their neighbours on the purchase of a dozen.

Viral Dashboard

Viral Dashboard Review Conclusion:

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