Incentives – Your Secret Weapon

The Power of Incentive Marketing

Giving incentives increase sales, growth and profit

You can expect increased sales and notoriety when you offer value added incentives to your marketing and sales strategy. your business can expect to see increases in sales growth, as your customers will be motivated to buy from your business.

When you add an extra reason for purchasing a product that the customer was going to buy anyway, you provide a advantage for your customer to purchase from you rather than your competitor.

The incentive encourages your customer to switch from competitors.

Giving an incentive to your customer establishes an emotional bond between your customers and your business

The most obvious benefit of an incentive program is that it keep your products at the top of your customers; mind.

There is an emotional trigger that is created in your customer. Marketers call it “Reciprocity. Providing your customers a reward for doing business with you is an effective way of encouraging your customers to stay loyal to you.” Giving away valuable incentives to your customers “help you keep your customers loyal lwhile generating word of mouth advertising for your business.”

Incentive programs establish an emotional connection between your business, sales representatives and your customers. The bond is created as they work together to achieve a result; there is a sense of mutual satisfaction in achieving the target.

The incentive could be an all-expenses paid-for trip or a money-can’t-buy thrill experience. The bond will then become stronger if they both go on an exclusive trip or experience together. The more memorable the experience, the greater the word of mouth will be; meaning it is more likely to succeed bigger and better in the years following.

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