Viral Advertising For Your Website

Viral Advertising For Your Website

If you are still stuck submitting your ads to 20 zillion viral mailers and safelist, it is time you changed the game. It is 2022 and the world of online marketing is changing quicker than you can boil an egg, Hug your grandchild or Make a dime with your marketing.

If You WantTo Make Money In  2022

You Need 3 Things

  • A high -converting product of your own
  • An email list of customers
  • Free viral traffic So you a buyers list, earn affiliate commissions & get free traffic. Sounds great?

This is the viral marketing omnichannel system that will change everything for you if you are willing to change.

1. Leads Leap

Although LeadsLeap has been around since 2005, I have found it to be the best value for your money. Here you advertise, build a list, broadcast emails, track links, make money from PPC, build pages and promote. This an Awesome system.. This is a random video that I used from You tube but it gives you some powerful reason to make LeadsLeap the foundation of your list building empire. An All-In-One Marketing System

Join Leads Leap Here

There is one caveat.

With some automation marketing system you will need a backup autoresponder to connect using an API LeadsLeap does not offer that connection at this time. However, you should always transfer your leads from your autoresponders like aweber and getresponse to LeadsLeap because when you start promoting using AI Automation your lead count will go into the 1,000’s and so will your bill.

2. Unlimited Leads with SalesFlow by Nowsite

Unlimited Leads for Unlimited Businesses

SalesFlow – The Fastest, Easiest Lead Generation System Ever

With SalesPro500 You get your own Personal Assistant who contacts 500 prospects on your behalf and delivers their information to you so you cancontact them. You no longer have to do the dreaded prospecting. SalesPro500 does it for you from a database of over 2.5 Billion Individuals.

To get the most traffic to your webste, your marketing strategy should be far-reaching in terms of number of people who see your ads and also consistency of ad generation. Some to the easiest ways we find to create both of these components is to allow vendors to take care of the heavy lifting for you,

All new SalesPro customers get Marketing + Creative Services included in their discounted monthly price of just $99.

Founder & CEO, Justin Belobaba guarantees that this will be the best month in Nowsite history. We are calling this October…YesTober!

That means the answer is ALWAYS YES!

Want us to build you a new website? YES!
Want us to build you a new sales funnel? YES!
Want to have unlimited websites? YES!
Want to build an email campaign? YES!
Want us to create a social media campaign? YES!
Want to be able to use 3-Click Marketing? YES!

Get SalesPro Today

SalesFlow by Nowsite has 3 Levels

Level1 allows you to identify 100 Prospects per month and contact them via FaceBook Messenger/LinkedIn or Email

See it in Action Cost $49.50/month

3. Safelist & Viral Lists

Multiple Free – Low Cost Traffic Systems “Safelists” work 100% of the time… for the owner.

I’ve been on “Safelists” in the past….. I’ve seen no benefit. Why?

My theory is… most “list members” have all the mail from the “Safelist” going to a Trash folder or they have an e-mail they use for “junk e-mail” and never read it. Safelist we Suggest

Join MLM Recruit on Demand

Herculist Bomb

Herculist – Thousands of leads available Herculist has great advertising reach. Using their free mailers is probably a waste of time, however their traffic bomb delivers real eyes on your site real leads & sales. When marketing on these sites always offer a program, ebook, or software that will aid the online marketer a way to increase their leads and marketing powers.

Traffic Ad Bar

Traffic Ad Bar If you are looking to increase traffic to your webiste

The most effective SEO tactic is High-Quality content. You can always add to this method but never substitute it. Traffic Ad Bar is traffic exchange website that sends free traffic to your site. It was founded back in 2009 by Darren Merrett. The process to use is simple.

These are new sites that promise consolidated traffic generation. Use these sites to measure your ad affects. They are low costs and will generate some income and exposure for you.

Start getting traffic to your website IMMEDIATELY. 

EzClix is a deliberately low-cost package, designed to be accessible to virtually anyone who needs traffic to a website or offer. There are minimal add-ons and we avoided the temptation to create minor variations so we could clobber our customers with endless OTO upsells. Instead we took the novel approach of making one basic package with all the best features and benefits already included.

MillionLeads4Free Here at, has double opt-in leads, all the leads, both old leads and new, are verified DAILY over and over again to ensure they are active and serious about reviewing and even joining the opportunities that was sent their way!

Alternate for Google Ads – Facebook Advertising

4. Pay Per View Traffic

Pay Per View Traffic 10,000 Views of Your Website by Real People

When you are ready to go the expensive route with Google Ads or Facebook Advertising.
Testing your advertising with PPV is smart way to see if your advertising reaches your audience . PPV means people are actully going to your site and viewing what you have to offer. Real views not clicks A click will never make you any money. Be sure to have an opt-in form on every site you manage.

Join PPV Traffic Here

Social Media Marketing

5. ViralDashBoard Evolution 21-in-1 Social Media Marketing & Automation Platform to DISCOVER, CREATE, STRATEGIZE & PUBLISH your content.

You need to see this software in action. It makes Social Media Marketing Quick & Effective. You can schedule your marketing for 1 year in advance.
Viral DashBoard Evolution

6. Referral Marketing/ Viral Marketing

Giveaways are the BIGGEST secret weapon to grow an email list.

Referral Marketing.Viral Marketing/Word of Mouth Marketing is a technique (for some, a marketing channel) that enables loyal clients and advocates to refer their friends , famiy and Social media Friends to your company in exchange of rewards.

Video Raffle

Referral marketing has the same effect as word-of-mouth.

  • Discounts.
  • Money.
  • Free products.
  • Early access.

The rewards offered to customers referring other people, can come in many forms:

Best Example of Referral Marketing is Rakuten

7. Incentive Marketing

This may be the most important information for your business Incentive Marketing will Explode Your Sales

This is your secret weapon to explode your Leads & Sales

MORE LEADS Want to see an explosion in response rates of your existing marketing efforts?

  1. Use one (or more) of the incentives that come with your Marketing Boost as a simple tagline. For example: “Submit your details today and you will receive a FREE Vacation to Las Vegas or Get a $100 Dining Card, No Purchase Necessary…just for learning about our company”

8. ConversioBot


How We Automatically Added 189,986 Quality Leads*& Generated 6,386 SALES In 6 Months*
With A Single Line Of “Website AI Bot Code”

You NEED Content and Social Media Automation..AND You NEED It EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

9. Wealthy Affiliates

Some online gurus will tell you that you do not need a website to earn money online. That is of course their opinion. The truth is in order to establish a stable long term business anywhere, you need to also acquire assets.

10. Automated Content Creators

If you are paying attention: You will understand how #9 and #10 work together to build your empire.

Disclaimer: Control the quality of articles in their Spin Distrbute Prrogram which provides a service that is not matched anywhere else on the Internet.

Press Release Marketing with Brand Push

Brand Push Get published on a network of over 200 influential news sites that receive 100 million visitors every month for a massive boost in exposure and search rankings.

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