10,000 Free Email Leads Using Viral Marketing

How Viral Marketing Can Change Your Marketing Strategy ForEver

Viral Giveaways are the BIGGEST secret to grow an email list.

4 Secrets of Going Viral

A lot of marketers think that going viral is a just Luck. or a set or perfect marketing strategies that come together at the just the right time to boost your marketing juice into viral status.

Going Viral is the “Holy Grail of Most Marketing Campaigns. Going Viral can take you from unknown marketer to a full fledged “Online Super Start” (IF ONLY).

Everyone knows the story of “DropBox”, Google and even Uber. The overall results is that once you go viral, people talk about you. People share your content and point to your website and you as giving real value or entertainment to them.

Of course, this is the kind of publicity that everone online wants to receive and achieve. –Every businesses that wants to be successful online works toward creating a viral marketing strategy that results in their advertising being shared all across the Internet. Who doesn’t want to attain online star status. 

For most sucessful marketer, they have adopted a new apprach to online marketing and enbraced how dramtically marketing has changed over the years.

Unfortunately for the small business or solopreneur, many are stuck using the old state, out of date marketing tools, used by their mentors who are also stuck in the dinosaur mentality.

Modern Marketers and business entrepreneurs use different channels and techniques to adapt to the new online customer who is technically savy and most of them were born with a smart phone in their hands. . In this modern digital era, there are still online marketers using safelist and downline builders to secure their future. These marketers either do not know or insist on being stubborn and ignore the new way of marketing – the viral marketing strategy.

What is Viral Marketing?

Viral marketing is all the rage online and will continue to be for years to come It may be called by many names but the intent is to get your message as a business seen by as many individuals oline that you can.

It is impossible to reach that goal using out-of date marketing methods. As an examle of one new asset that is available to businesses is Nowsite Marketing Bundle that delivers an unlimited number of leads to the purchaser. Nowsite has database of over 2.5 Billion selected leads.

In one forum online, someone suggested that a network marketer should explore the pprogram, since he was a Maleuleuca representatives.

Instead of looking at the opportunity, the Maleuleca rep offered the advertiser a $1.00 voucher to join his network marketing company. He was willing to ignore “unlimited leads t try to obtain 1 member for his business. Unlimited leads means he could forego stalking everyone with a breath and go through the massive database until he found enough individuals interested in what he ad to offer to fill his pipeline and increase his income literally forever. Certainly until he reached a financial goal that he set for himself.

We use King Sumo to create viral contests, giveaways & competitions, landing pages and engaging forms such us surveys and quizzes. The intent of viral giveaways is to generate more sales, increase traffic, social engagement and followers. See examples

Surely, you have shared a meme or two online. Who hasn’t? The way memes are made are very relatable and entertaining. The same goes for viral marketing. Customers and followers share a brand’s content because its message is entertaining or buzz-worthy.

Viral Marketing strategies to spike up traffic

All it takes is awesome content for people to voluntarily share to their accounts. People tend to share content on social media when it’s entertaining, convincing, inspiring, and educational

If you are a brand that is striving to make those types of content, then there are strategies you can use. We have compiled different viral marketing strategies. These strategies are efficient in promoting to its target audience – and even those outside of your niche.

Media Coverage

Having your content cited as a source from high-traffic news outlets is very effective in sending huge traffic back to your site. Although, getting featured by these sites is not a walk in the park. Your content should be news-worthy to be mentioned by these authoritative sites.

You will need a material that the press will find very useful to create a piece of news about or back their stories up. And the best way to achieve that? Sharing your own data. Below are the tips you can take when planning on this kind of strategy.

  • Produce a news-worthy content that press bloggers can use for their next piece.
  • Make a list and identify the news sites that are writing about your niche. Include the contact details and the sites where they publish their content. This way you will know which sites to turn to and can help you publish your content.
  • Get to know your target sites. This will help you create a more personalized pitch later on.
  • Write a convincing and powerful pitch email and start sending them to these sites. Personalize each email that suits the receiver. This will also give you a bigger chance of getting featured.
  • Monitor and keep track of your conversations with them. Build a rapport with these sites. You might not get featured now but who knows in the future, right?

Blogger Outreach

Connecting bloggers in your industry or niche have a benefit. Make use of the connection you have with these bloggers. The thing is, these bloggers are already talking to people in your niche. And these people will most likely give interest in your content. 

If you want to bring your blogger outreach services to the future, then employ blogger outreach services. This type of service is not only limited to an article on the blogger’s site. You can also tap them into their email or newsletter that they send out to their subscribers regularly. 

Paying for a link placement or content featured in their newsletter is usually how blogger outreach goes. Fortunately, it’s not always the case especially if a campaign is beneficial for both parties.

Social Media Outreach

Blogger and social media outreach have a similarity in the sense that both reach out to influential people in their respective industries to have their content, product, or service featured. Social media outreach is connecting with famous or influential personalities. These personalities aren’t necessarily experts in the field. 

The goal is to get your content to reach more people as possible. And these influential personalities can do that with their massive following. The most important thing is to offer unique content. A content that can benefit their followers/readers. Leverage that to get them to share your content.

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