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In the second quarter of 2022, the number of member IDs registered at Rakuten amounted to almost 131 million. The most recent figure constitutes an increase of over five percent compared to the second quarter of the previous year.Sep 13, 2022 Find Your Rakuten Referral Code Inside

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The Nexus Rewards Program is the perfect referral marketing viral program that can be spread in the old fashion way by Word-of-Mouth Advertising. Who would have a problem sharing a cashback program with friends, family and co-workers. Everyone has the ear of at least 100 individuals who are struggling during this inflationary period. Sign up your first 100 just by referring family and friends.

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Use the Power of Viral Marketing to reach millions of prospects per week. Many Affiliate Marketers and Network Marketers rely on safelist, viral mailers and “solo emails “to fill their pipeline.

Unfortunately, these are old school methods that no longer work fast enough to bring the desired results.

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How to Grow You Email List into the 10,000’s Using AI Technology

Our Secret Weapon Lead Magnets

What Is a Lead Magnet? A lead magnet is a marketing term for a free item or service that is given away for the purpose of gathering contact details; for example, lead magnets can be trial subscriptions, samples, white papers, e-newsletters, and free consultations. Marketers use lead magnets to create sales leads.

The most effective way to ask for someone to join your list is to give them something of value. For example an ebook or a bonus product relating to the offer you’re promoting. This is known as a “lead magnet”.

The fastest way to grow a list of email subscribers is to use A.I. Bots to give away high-value, lead magnets through intelligent conversation.

You can get unlimited access to our best-performing lead magnet for all the major affiliate categories so you can grow your email list faster than you thought possible.

No matter what kinds of products or services you sell, NOTHING seduces a fence-sitter like throwing in a free vacation when they say YES to your offer, upsell, or referral request. Become an Affiliate

3 Sales Video Presentation Template

Get 3 Done-For-You presentation templates that you can use for your business or for your clients.

Whenever you want to grow a list in an industry like make money, health, self help, dog training, languages, green energy, or any other major niche, you’ll be able to add a done-for-you lead magnet to your bots in just a few clicks.

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